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Is Growth Over For Economy? The IoT Says Hell No

The post-industrial city must be re-imagined. (from The Third Industrial Revolution just doesn't equate to jobs notes New York Times columnist and Nobel Prize...

Exploring the Information City? Get Layared

Upstart developer Layar launched its new service for the publishing community this week. Magazines will never be the same, at least for mobile device...
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The City as Media Database

Do you remember the Internet's early days? We do. Everyone lucky enough to be wired in during the early nineties knew that this new technology...

Not So Big Ideas That Generate Big Returns

The people involved with MESH Cities spend a lot of time—some say too much time—thinking about how big ideas will change the way we...

Innovation Extreme Makeover

The word innovation continues to be used indiscriminitely by people in the business community who rarely, if ever, have been given the tools and/or...

Urbanflow Helsinki: The Intuitive City?

If you wonder what an operating system for cities might look like but are overwhelmed by the expanding complexity of digital technology and the...

When Will MESH and Responsive Architectures Meet?

James Law Cybertecture proposal for Taipei Art Museum As a designer, theorist, and interactive developer MESH Cities founder Robert Ouellette has long advocated for a...