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MESH City Technologies Lead Green VC Investments

Drive-Switch-Go by better place. These green-tech investments were completed last month (from Eric Wesoff at Cleantechmedia): Solar Power Reel Solar (San Jose, California) raised $15 million in...

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Blue Oceans: The Potential Market for Mobile

Smartphone platform use as of 2011 with "blue ocean" of potential growth. There are about 350 million cellphones in use across North America. One-third of...

Living Labs Global Announce Rio Smart City Winners

The smart cities dedicated website Living Labs Global announced its Rio Summit award winners this week. To no-one's surprise only one North American city...
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Air Powered Cars? Peugeot’s 2016 Surprise

Typical hybrid automobiles mash up some high-tech and expensive batteries with a traditional gasoline engine. The combination works to improve bottom line MPG figures,...

MESH Cities Can Learn From Anarchy City

Thanks to Adam Greenfield for tweeting about this project yesterday. Greenfield linked to a masterful work by South China Morning Post illustrator Adolpho Aranz....

Hacking The Future of MESHed Cities

Virtual Metropolis still, by Robert Ouellette, 1996. A frustrating truth faced by anyone researching the future of 21st Century cities is how slowly that future...

Decision Points: How to See the Future

In MESH Cities information drives local economies. Deriving that information, disseminating it, and finally, understanding it are the new engines of economic and social...

Do Well-Designed Cities Make for Better Politics?

PLANT Architects: ROM Roof, Toronto Cognitive scientist Donald A. Norman’s research on excellence in design is a touchstone for understanding today’s wired cities. In his...