MESH Cities Partners With World Climate Summit

MESH Cities is delighted to announce that it has been chosen as an official partner of the World Climate Summit 2012 to be held this December in Doha, Qatar. Please join the climate sector’s leading 500 influencers at this exceptional event. The World Climate Group describes the event this way:

The World Climate Summit 2012 is part of a 10-year process (2020), which started with the inaugural World Climate Summit in Cancun, Mexico in 2010. The annual World Climate Summit takes stock of the state of the world climate and the low-carbon economy, and identifies the industrial, financial, political and innovation drivers needed to accelerate progress in mitigating and adapting to climate change. It is the goal of the World Climate Summit to provide and communicate concrete deliverables to the global community: toolbox of best practice, disruptive innovations, new policies, initiatives and technologies.


The high-level conference is aimed at the climate arena’s leading 500+ decision-makers: CEOs, thought-leaders, business executives, investors, entrepreneurs, philanthropic figures, national, regional and city leaders. By gathering a cross-organisational segment of high-level influencers the summit aims to facilitate an ecosystem emphasizing public/private partnerships, bottom-up solutions across a wide range of industries and sectors.

The Summit will focus on the overarching theme of accelerating solutions to climate change, with a focus on Qatar, the Middle East and its relations to the rest of the world. Themes discussed will be finance and scale; public-private partnerships; renewable energy; gas; CCS; agriculture & water; legislation and policy; cities and regions; emission reductions; transportation; carbon pricing; energy efficiency; and business leadership.

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