What Does A Smart City Look Like?

Urbiotica's Urban Operating System

What does a Smart City look like? This video from Urbiotica and Cisco offers one interpretation. Don't be surprised by its apparent simplicity. On the surface a Smart or MESH City will look like any other clean, healthy, and well-managed city. Enmeshed within its streets, however, is a 24/7 array of sensors, computers, and algorithms tasked to making the city more livable.

Cities live or die, metaphorically speaking, based on the quality of life they offer to the people who choose to live in them—or not. Today's citizens are empowered by their mobility. If they don't like a city odds are that the most talented of them will leave for somewhere else. This truth is causing urban governments to realize that they don't manage captive audiences anymore, they cater to what can only be described as an urban consumer marketplace. 

Some cities just don't get the new reality. Other do. The next few decades will reveal which ones got the message. Are you voting for or against your city with your ability to choose livable streets? If so, let us know.

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