Learn About MESH Cities?

MESH Cities' mission is to help distribute the methods and technologies that will shape the design of tomorrow's responsive, sustainable cities. Please join us in that goal. MESH is an acronym that stands for: M=Mobile E=Efficient S=Subtle H=Heuristics. We are writing an eBook and want you to be part of it. If you are a designer, digital developer, entrepreneur, researcher, or anyone else dealing with smart cities, we would appreciate hearing from you.

Your work is making a difference. Cities are now home to more than fifty percent of the world's people. To accommodate increasing urban populations designers are inventing new ways for cities to do more with less—less energy and less waste, but also more personalization. Fortunately, new, Internet-based technologies allow for real-time management of city systems in ways never before possible.

Join MESH Cities as we help invent the livable cities of tomorrow.

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