Air Powered Cars? Peugeot’s 2016 Surprise

Typical hybrid automobiles mash up some high-tech and expensive batteries with a traditional gasoline engine. The combination works to improve bottom line MPG figures, but the truth is those batteries aren't all that clean to manufacture. Enter a new contender to the hybrid market: AIr.

French car-maker Peugeut is launching a 100 patent protected air / gas hybrid in 2016. Will our cities thank them? The company writes:

To cope with the challenge of creating an environment-friendly vehicle, PSA Peugeot Citroën is developing an all-new technology combining Gasoline internal combustion engine and compressed air storage. "Hybrid Air" is a key step in the path toward fuel consumption of 2 l/100 km. The major innovation lies in the way the powertrain adapts to driving styles, adjusting independently to one of three modes: Air, Gasoline, Combined. Hybrid Air technology will be fitted on B-segment models starting in 2016.

For more on the story take a look at Huffington Post.

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